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Current Population



Unemployment Rate

Life Expectancy

Women on Pine Ridge: 52

Women in United States: 81

Men on Pine Ridge: 47

Men in United States: 76

Homes with no electricity or running water


Median Income


Estimated houses infested with black mold


Pine Ridge: By the Numbers


The average home has 17 people living in it.

  • Tuberculosis: 800% higher*

  • Cervical Cancer: 500% higher*

  • Diabetes: 500% higher*

  • Infant Mortality: 300% higher*

  • Teen Suicide: 150% higher*

*than US national average

There is one grocery store on the reservation, but zero banks, motels, discount stores or movie theaters.


Many families without running water gather untreated water from local rivers for personal needs.

11,000 square miles; one grocery store

Eight out of 10 families are impacted by alcoholism.

Only three out of 10 teenagers graduate high school.

Half of adults over the age of 40 have diabetes.

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